Can You Handle Uncomfortable?

Today, someone asked the CrossFit coach if they were getting many new people at CrossFit Acernus. He said that  they had been doing a lot of intro classes for people, but it’s hard to tell who will continue and who ditches after day 1.


If people never come back it’s hard to know why. I made a mental list of reasons that certain people may not like CrossFit while I was trying to do hollow rocks later in the WOD. To just hold that position is somewhat tortuous, and it’s easier if you block it out by thinking of other things.


Anyway, here are some reasons I think people try an intro class of CrossFit and choose not to continue.

1. CrossFit makes you uncomfortable. During the workout, even an intro class, you will be presented with things that you either cannot do, or can barely do. Also, things you’ve never tried, and things you haven’t done since you were young. It’s quite possible you will embarrass yourself in some way.

2. CrossFit makes you uncomfortable – LATER. After my first CrossFit workout, my abs hurt terribly for three days. I had to constantly roll over on my side in order to sit up. I weighed every decision on whether or not I would have to climb stairs. My body was so sore. I think there are two ways people will handle that excessive soreness.

            a. Like I did. I was excited. I thought “These workouts are going to kick my ass every single day. I’m going to be fit in no time.”

            b. The other possibility. “I don’t want to deal with this type of pain ever again. I’m going back to my safe hamster wheel.”

3. Admittedly, CrossFit is expensive. The pain, embarrassment, and money may be enough for people to not return to classes.

I suppose I get why some people don’t come back. It depends on your goals and your actual desire to get fit. What kind of fit do you want to be? All around, mobile, strong, quick, springy? Aesthetics only? Body building? Endurance?

CrossFit does not mess around. CrossFit begs you to make it a lifestyle. CrossFit begs you to push yourself. And once you get into it, you beg YOURSELF to get better. It becomes a mentality that other forms of fitness do not. It honestly feels like being part of an organized sports team. I try to understand the people who don’t have the competitive drives that I do. It would probably be more comfortable to workout alone, at home, with no one correcting me, no one pushing me, and no one making me do things that I don’t think I can. But I choose to make myself uncomfortable so that I can improve. CrossFit is the sport of improvement. If you can handle uncomfortable.


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